Personal Injury Lawyer Yaphank

Personal Injury Lawyer Yaphank

Personal Injury Lawyer Yaphank
Personal Injury Lawyer Yaphank

Davis & Ferber can represent you as your Personal Injury Lawyer in Yaphank. If you have been searching for a legal firm with the experience you desire, call us today at 631-543-2900. We are currently not in our office due to the unprecedented CORONA virus, however, are still working to provide the best in representation to our clients. When the New York State court systems re-open, our office will as well. Know that we are currently available by telephone.

We are using this time to help our clients gather all the documentation for proving their case. We do not require the confines of our office to provide the best in service at this time. Moreover, we are available to speak with our clients more conveniently as we currently are not in court.

As your Personal Injury Lawyer in Yaphank, we will do all possible to help you get back your future. For more information please click on the attached link

Davis & Ferber is a full-service legal firm providing our clients with representation for personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and abuse, motor vehicle accidents, union and employment law, divorce and family law, bankruptcy, business formation, elder law, estate planning, probate administration and litigation, shoplifting, drug crimes and DWI.

If you have been injured at a construction site, call us. Did you know that construction sites are the most dangerous of work environments? If you have been injured at a construction site whether you are an employee or member of the general public, you may have reason to seek legal advice. If you are working on a job and sustain an injury, you may have a legal claim for a third-party claim. For more information please call us at 631-543-2900.

As your Personal Injury in Lawyer Yaphank, know that we will always be honest with you. Not all claims for personal injuries sustained award six-figure settlements. The burden of proof and medical documentation is on you. We will help put together your claim so when the courts re-open we can file suit. We have had great success in this field of law and can help you too.

If you retain Davis & Ferber as your Personal Injury Lawyer in Yaphank you will find that we are confident in our knowledge, will fight for you and can help you recover full and fair compensation including lost wages, income, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering.

Did you know that if you are unable to work for over a year due to your personal injury, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits? We can help you with the application as well as usually the first application is denied due to incomplete filing. We can help do it right the first time. For more information and to take advantage of our one free consultation, please call our office today at 631-543-2900 and tell our knowledgeable representative you want to choose Davis & Ferber as your Personal Injury Lawyer in Yaphank.

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