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Who Are Davis and Ferber Personal Injury Lawyers?

Davis & Ferber, LLP is a personal injury law firm on Long Island, New York. We have over 40 years of extensive experience in personal injury cases. If you need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garden City, we are – David A. Davis and Steven B. Ferber.

Our law firm has qualified and experienced attorneys. But, what makes us different from the other law firms is our zeal to win a case. Therefore, if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Garden city, then you should come to us. We offer Free case evaluation. So, call us today if you have suffered a personal injury.

How Does Our Firm Work for a a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garden City?

Personal injury can be really a traumatic experience. Sometimes, you may even lose your loved ones in an accident. As a result, you become confused and utterly helpless. In short, you don’t know – whether you should file a case or not and from where should you start.

Now, if you think that the cause of the accident was the complete carelessness of the other party and you have no active role to play in that accident, then we can help you. Our firm can file a lawsuit against the party and we will try to receive a handsome compensation from the insurance company.

Why Should You Trust Davis & Ferber Personal Injury Law Firm?

1) Outstanding Services

There are so many types of private injuries. Our law firm can help you to fight against all of those kinds of accidents and injuries.

Workers Compensation Injury Case –
A worker can file a case against the person who caused him injury around the working site area. You can come to us and we will strive to give you fair compensation.

Construction Site Accident Case –
Sometimes, construction sites don’t handle their machines or tools safely. In that case, you can get injured. However, our law firm is an expert in construction site accident cases. So, come to us.

Firefighting Injury Case –
Police or firefighters in the New York City area often get injured and they can claim compensation from the person who caused the injury. Our law firm can help you to fight and you can get good compensation.

Slip and Fall Injury Case –
It’s often noticed that the owner of a place is responsible for slip and fall injuries. If you have suffered an injury and you think it happened because of the owner’s carelessness, then contact us. Davis and Ferber firm will help you.

Stair Accident Cases –
If a staircase is not maintained or if a deplorable staircase is left without any warning sign, then accidents can happen. If you have met such an accident, then don’t wait. Just come to our law firm and you may get fair compensation.

Fire Injury Case –
After a fire injury case, you may want a lawyer to investigate your case. Our law firm Davis and Ferber can investigate and you may receive full compensation.

Wrongful Death Case –
Accidents or fatal injuries can take your loved ones away from you. But, if you file a case against the person, you can get a good amount of compensation. So, reach us and we will guide you.

2) Licensed and Experienced

Our senior lawyers Steven B. Ferber and Davis A. Davis have more than 40 years of experience. They have solved and won hundreds of cases. Moreover, we have compensated numerous people by drawing a successful outcome to the cases. As a result, our law firm can help you and guide you in an excellent way.

3) Brilliant Investigation and Evidence Finding Methods

When we take a case, we invest all of our time to win it. We visit the accident site and we engage all the resources to gather evidence. Our methods are legal and all our evidence gets approved in the courtroom. Therefore, we are a successful personal injury lawyer in Garden City.

4) Professional and Friendly Lawyers

After an accident, you may not want to file a case. Because you may think that a case can make your situation more complicated. But, our law firm – Davis & Ferber has friendly lawyers. We will help you to complete all the paper works and you will receive all kinds of courtroom guidance from us. Hence, you will face no difficulty when working with us.

Contact us today for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garden City

Our law firm on Long Island has an unyielding spirit of fighting. We know all the rules of the insurance companies and we know how to claim the highest possible compensation. So, if you have suffered any (mild or severe) personal injury, then you should contact us. We offer a free case evaluation and we can guide you to file a lawsuit. Our law firm has vast experience and we may win the best possible compensation for you. Therefore, you can trust us.

If you would like to know more about a Personal Injury Lawyer in Garden City or have other questions, please contact Davis & Ferber, LLP for a free consultation by calling (631) 543-2900 or you can send us an email if you prefer. We are looking forward to hearing about your case!

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