Personal Injury Lawyer Hicksville
Personal Injury Attorney Hicksville

Construction sites are considered some of the most dangerous work atmospheres and the implicit risk of injury on-site is often aggravated by the negligence of owners and/or contractors. Are you seeking a professional personal injury attorney Hicksville to provide thorough and effective counsel after a construction site injury in New York?

Our attorneys will carefully inspect the facts and circumstances of your case to get a clear understanding of what you have experienced. We have devoted years to our practice, aiding our clients through the legal process and fighting for them to receive the greatest sum of compensation after any accident that could have been avoided, due to an owner or contractor’s negligence.

Acting as your mediator, our knowledgable attorneys have certainly served many other clients who have experienced similar situations to yours. We have succeeded in recovering immense financial compensation to many of our injured clients. Fill out the free online evaluation form on our website if you are in need of an injury attorney who will fervently vouch for you.

Did you know, state and federal laws protect the safety of workers on construction sites? New York’s labor laws §240 and 241 address an employer’s responsibility to provide safe ladders, scaffolding, and other machinery to workers – but as we all know, some do not carefully abide by such practices, and that is why you are due a great benefit for your losses.

We handle many different kinds of injury claims arising at construction sites, including injuries sustained from falls, defective products and devices, negligent hiring, and motor vehicle accidents experienced on construction sites. If you have undergone any of the prior, your personal injury attorney Hicksville knows the path to helping you get every cent you are owed.

The cases we take part in investigating involve injuries such as sprains, catastrophic losses including broken bones, brain or spinal cord trauma, paralysis, amputation/loss of limb/s. We also handle wrongful death claims and hone in on the facts of your case to provide thorough, consistent, and realistic counsel throughout this entire experience.

We also handle third-party claims involving all types of negligence or carelessness, such as the negligent operation of motor vehicles, poorly designed machinery, and subcontractor carelessness.

If you have been hurt on the job, you want to discuss your options with an experienced attorney who has helped others in situations like yours. Allow us to be your liaison so you can focus on a full recovery, financial peace of mind, and continue to live your life to the fullest!

Our website covers all information about our personal injury claim concentrations such as workers’ comp, police/firefighter injury, brain injury, wrongful death, premises incidents, slip and falls, burn/fire injury, dog bite injury, defective products and other forms of law practice that you may not expect to need. Give us a call today for an evaluation of your case. With attention to detail and knowledge of litigation processes, your personal injury attorney Hicksville will work tirelessly to get you the financial recovery you need at this time.

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