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The consequences of electrical accidents can be catastrophic, whether it is caused by sparks, which can cause third-degree burns, or shocks, which can result in injury that last for a long time. The good news is that in case of such an incident you can claim entitlement to compensation, but you have to determine the one to be blamed for the accident. With the help of Davis & Ferber, LLP you will find the right legal assistance to get help with determining who could be liable for the electrical accident you were involved in. Our Personal Injury Attorney in Oyster Bay will be every step of the way to assist you in this process. Call us today!

Finding Out Who Is Liable In Case Of An Electrical Accident

At Davis and Ferber, we are fully equipped to help you out with professional guidance in case of personal injury. Our well-reputed and highly experienced attorneys have handled such cases in the past. We have the knowledge and legal expertise to provide you with the right support so that you can receive the entitlement in case of personal injury due to electrical accident, which you rightly deserve. And the best part is that you can come to us at Davis and Ferber for a free consultation to know what your next legal step should be.

With our legal expertise, we have narrowed down the following parties that could be held liable in case of an electrical accident:

Utility Providers – Another possibly party to be held liable is the electrical company. An electrical company may be held liable in case of an electrical accident if the company fails to perform the following:

  • Restoring compromised infrastructure
  • Maintaining power lines with high voltage
  • Repairing frayed wiring
  • Replacing defective switches
  • Providing employees with sufficient training (ongoing)
  • Securing power installations using fences and/or guards

Construction Contractors – It is the job of the construction crew to ensure proper safety measures when engaged in working with electrical systems. If these contractors fail to provide security measures to prevent accidents, it may result in severe injuring including death. In general, any damage to an employee while at job is the responsibility of the employer. This implies that contractors are generally responsible for accidents occurring on construction sites. Even if passersby are injured the responsibility is that of the contractor.

In case you get injured due to an electrical accident, which the local electrical company could have intercepted, or which occurred due to the negligence of a construction contractor, you might have strong grounds to take legal action. You will need to collect compelling evidence that only a resourceful personal injury attorney in Oyster Bay can help you with. And that’s where Davis and Ferber law firm can step in to assist you.

With our attorney by your side, you can rest assured that you will get the required legal assistance, as we are equipped with experienced attorneys who are well-versed in the federal and state laws for protection of workers’ safety on various construction sites, including the 241 and 240 labor laws of New York that address the responsibility of an employer to provide workers with scaffolding, safe ladders, and various other devices.

Questions to ask a personal injury attorney in Oyster Bay

Here are some questions you can ask an attorney prior to hiring them for helping with your required claim. However, first make sure that the attorney’s credentials are confirmed.

  • Has the attorney previously handled similar cases?
  • What could possibly be the outcome of the case?
  • How frequently will the attorney update you on the claim status?

You can come visit us at Davis and Ferber law firm for a free consultation for your personal injury case. We are more than happy to answer your queries to clear your doubt.

The practice area of personal injury law is enormous and cover everything from defective products to dog bites to Medical Malpractice. Our attorneys at Davis and Ferber law firm are fully equipped to handle all types of cases, which is why you can come to us for favorable results.

Remember, that when you are making the claim, your strongest liability evidence will be based on the accident circumstances. Apart from all the proof you have to collect, you will also need the help of a seasoned and professional personal injury attorney in Oyster Bay, and we can provide you with the strategic guidance you will need every step along the way.

If you would like to know more about a Personal Injury Attorney in Oyster Bay or have other questions, please contact Davis & Ferber, LLP for a free consultation by calling (631) 543-2900 or you can send us an email if you prefer. We are looking forward to hearing about your case!

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