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Most bad things happen because of others’ negligence. When we are hurt physically, psychologically, and mentally, we need a physical injury lawyer to support us. This is where Davis & Ferber, LLP will help you. Their firm is located all over New York City and they have one personal injury attorney in Merrick. The lawyers here are very professional and have more than 40 years of experience and today we will learn the types of personal injury cases covered by the lawyers here. Call us today!

1) Construction site accident and workers’ compensation injury

Construction site accidents are not common if all the safety measures are taken, but sometimes through the contractors’ negligence, injuries do happen. This is where we will cover you. We will give you proper counseling, go through the accident site, obtain and settle the documentation for the legal process and represent you in a court hearing. We will represent you on all types of injuries and the best part is there will be no attorney fee charged until you get your compensation for the injuries.

Apart from that, we will also handle third-party claims. These are claims that you can make when you get an injury through someone other than your employer but the other party refuses to compensate you. We will aggressively step up for you and get compensation for your loss of time and money.

2) Wrongful death

No matter what, the death of your loved ones will crush you but that does not deny you the rightful compensation if the death was caused by the negligence of others. If you need the best personal injury attorney in Merrick, then you have come to the right place. We will handle all the investigation, and document filing, and stand by your side during the court trial to get what you need to support throughout the loss and so that you have a better future.

3) Traumatic brain injury

If you have permanent brain damage or any type of brain injury from others that keeps you from doing your daily routine normally, then we will help you to recover all the loss including wages, income, medical expenses, and rehabilitation.

4) Police and firefighter injury

These two jobs are one of the most dangerous around and sadly injuries do happen most of the time. We will investigate and stand with you in all proceedings so that you can get your compensation for all job-related injuries. The police and firefighters in New York City are one of the best and if you need a personal injury attorney in Merrick then contact us now.

5) Social security disability and FELA claim

If you cannot work for one year at least through illness and injuries you can get benefits from Social Security Administration. If you are denied, you can come to us as our professional lawyers for personal injury in Islandia will help you get what you need to support you. We will also help you to get compensation through FELA. All claims include for bain injury, wrongful death, and even broken bones.

6) Premise accidents

Apart from the above we also handle all premise accident claims like slip and fall injury, Burn and fire injury, dog bite injury, and dangerous or defective product injury. All this happens because of the negligence of others and we will work hard to handle all claims, court hearings, and all types of documentation leading to the case.

  • Slip and fall – Our attorney will recover your loss from any type of injury by cracked tiles, slippery ice road, damaged steps, and potholes
  • Burn injuries – If you have burn injuries from the vehicle, defective product, electrical appliance, and chemical we will help you to get compensation
  • Dog bite – We will help you get compensation for a dog bite that resulted in disfiguration, broken bones or loss of any part of your body
  • Defective product – If you get injured from any defective devices like medical, electrical, or automotive then we will help you

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If you have a problem and you need lawyers for personal injury in Merrick then contact us Davis & Ferber and let the professionals handle the case and you can be at peace of mind. Injuries happen all the time even when we are careful it does happen because of the carelessness of others. If you had any injuries or lost your loved ones, let us help you. Come to us and you will get the best service from our professional personal injury lawyers.

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