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Past Successes

Past Successes

A settlement of $3,000,000 was obtained for a man riding his bicycle when another man being chased by the police crashed his car into the cyclist crushing his right leg — ultimately requiring amputation.

A $7,500,000 recovery was obtained for a painter who fell through an unguarded skylight on the roof of an office building. The plaintiff sustained fractures at C6-7 resulting in partial quadriplegia.

A $7,000,000 recovery was obtained for a laborer who slipped while descending stairs at a work site. He sustained an injury to his right upper extremity, which was later diagnosed as reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

A verdict of $4,206,910 was received on behalf of a laborer in a scaffolding accident, which resulted in herniated lumbar discs requiring laminectomy.

A $1,225,000 settlement was attained for a police officer who was hit by a motorist while assisting a disabled vehicle on the side of the road resulting in several leg and ankle fractures.

A $1,200,000 recovery was obtained for the driver of a motor vehicle who was struck in the rear. The driver sustained a whiplash injury. Another law firm turned down this case. The plaintiff subsequently suffered a stroke, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Despite the disputed issue of causation, the case resulted in the above recovery.

A $1,162,500 recovery was obtained for a police officer injured in the course of duty in a motor vehicle collision, which resulted in a cervical discectomy and fusion.

A $1,100,000 recovery was obtained for a motorcyclist who sustained fractures of the pelvis and sacrum, lumbar disc injury and shoulder injuries.

A $900,000 recovery was obtained for a motorcyclist making a left turn who was struck by a van. The motorcyclist sustained multiple fractures to his leg and received the above recovery despite contested liability.

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