Vote No for a Constitutional Convention!?!

By Christopher Rothemich

As you drive around New York this summer you may have noticed a new magnet
has replaced the ones you usually see on the back of motor vehicles. Gone are the “Montauk – The End” and the other oval magnets that delineate where the occupants of the vehicles like to vacation. They are being replaced by “Vote No for a Constitutional Convention.”

This message is being disseminated by union leaders and union members throughout the state.  And if you are public sector union member with a New York state pension here’s one big reason why you may want one of those oval magnets too. If the Constitutional Convention is held it could adversely impact your pension.

The New York State Constitution currently protects public pensions from change. The only way to amend the Constitution is through a regular amendment or by holding a Constitutional Convention. Every 20 years New York voters are asked to vote on a referendum on whether to hold a constitutional convention.

On November 7, 2017, the question will again be on the ballot. If New York voters vote to hold a Constitutional Convention then the entire NY Constitution could be open for change including public pensions.

The time is now to educate yourself, members of your family, friends and anyone who may be affected by diminished NY public pension benefit – before the vote! If you are in a public sector union you should inquire with union leadership to see what is being done to educate the membership.

The time is now to get one of those “Vote No for a Constitutional Convention” oval magnets for your vehicle and to start explaining to family and friends what it means! And why it is so important!

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